At Briar Hill, we’re dedicated to building beautiful homes that are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient without compromising on design, quality or style. In fact, our entire community has been created using environmentally conscious decisions and products that will benefit you and the environment.
Our homes include an extensive list of green features that help to reduce your carbon footprint, sustain our natural resources, and save money on your energy bills, including:
  • CFL Fixtures and Bulbs
  • Green Guard Carpets
  • Use of High Efficiency Energy Star Furnaces and Air Conditioning
  • R50 and R22 Platinum Insulation in attic and walls
  • Sustainable Hardwood Flooring
  • Low VOC Paint
  • Energy efficient thermal PVC casement style glass windows
  • Energy efficient community infrastructure’s operation center
  • Community landscaping is maintained to reintroduce species and shrubs
  • In-ground lawn irrigation system centrally controlled, using non-potable water resources
  • Optional upgrade to Energy Recovery Ventilators and 95% Efficient EMC Motor Furnaces